Reuse: Only works if everyone does it

Reuse still plays a marginal role in the packaging markets today, if we exclude a few countries where reusable disposable bottles are already mandatory and a reusable alternative for the packaging of take-away food and drinks will be mandated from 2023.

In many other countries the law is being updated in this sense but to obtain the right penetration of the reuse models it will be necessary to coordinate a wide range of interested parties, in order to arrive at the production (and therefore the use) of convenient, sustainable and, above all, affordable packaging.

Technology, product design and communication will have to work in synergy to develop new and feasible reuse models.


Reuse is Luxury


It must be said, sustainability is imperative. And even if sometimes it is prosecuted by companies only for a reputational and not a value issue, what matters is that it produces a positive result.

The experimentation of companies that produce packaging is, for the most part concentrated in high-income economies, also because of the higher awareness and demand of the final target, and lower price sensitivity.


Reuse also depends on the polymer (and therefore on the application)


The success of new production and use models also changes according to the application of the film for packaging and the polymer.

Due to their high use in rigid packaging applications, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polypropylene (PP) and polystyrene (PS) are the most vulnerable to retirement with the spread of new reuse models. For some applications the demand for these polymers could decrease by up to 25%.


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